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Laura Charlotte had a quiet beginning. It began with a casual conversation with a friend. "Do you remember when you were little," asked the friend, "and you received a package in the mail? A package addressed just to you?"

Oh, yes, I did remember the excitement and anticipation. But that was just the beginning of the writing journey. I had to ask myself: Who was this child? Who sent the package? And what might that package contain?

Are my stories autobiographical? Yes and no. In every story there are bits and pieces of me. As a child I always had tall chocolate birthday cakes with butter cream frosting and pink sugar roses on top. But my stories change and grow until they belong to themselves.

My favorite part of the writing process is revision. I love pruning and polishing until a story glows. In Laura Charlotte, I revised and revised until the story wasn't just about a special birthday gift that arrived in the mail, but a story about love - about a circle of love between a little girl, her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, all linked together by a little gray elephant named Charlotte.
  • 1990 Parents' Choice Award for Story Books
  • A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • Starred reviews: School Library Journal and Booklist Pointer review: Kirkus
  • "Best Books of 1990," School Library Journal
  • Nominated for the 1991-1992 Nevada Children's Choice Award
  • Nominated for the Georgia Picture Story Book Award 1993-1994
"We dare you to read this book without a lump in your throat. Floyd Cooper's richly luminous illustrations add another dimension of power and beauty to Kathryn Galbraith's eloquent but simple text."
~ The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Galbraith has written a gently reassuring story about the love that spans generations and is handed down with toys."
~ Publishers Weekly